Friday, October 12, 2012

Days like this

"Momma always said thered be days like this"  The bad part momma never said there would be days like this.  Days that are so bad all I want to do is find a hiding place that nobody knows about and hide my head and cry.  It seems like nothing is going right.  Work was slamming for a few weeks and has now slowed down once again.  Everybody is sick and dying or has died.  My husband and I have been fighting alot and just got into a huge fight and didn't work it out and now we can't fight because of the kids being around.  I feel like I am never allowed to be myself anymore because myself isn't acceptable to anybody else.  I am praying that this feeling will go away but I don't just know.  I am not the happy go luck optimistic faithful to God girl I used to be.  I fear everything.  Like I said its just a bad day.  Pray that this gets better