Friday, April 20, 2012

Heros angels and civilians

Today I heard a story of a little girl named Maggie.  Maggie who had lost her mother about 8 months earlier in a car accident in which they were both involved in, was sitting in class one day when her teacher asked the class who their hero's were and what made them their hero.  When it came Maggie's turn to speak what she said stunned the class.  She said "My hero is Mr. Mack.  He's me hero because he held my hand."  The teacher responded to Maggie that just because he held her hand doesn't make him a hero and then Maggie responded again.  "No, you don't understand.  Mr. Mack seen the car accident that my mom and I were in.  He rushed to my side told my mommy he would take care of me and held my hand the whole time.  My daddy was out of town so Mr. Mack stayed with me when the doctor told me that my momma died and he was there until my daddy got there.  And even after my daddy got there he stayed.  He comes to see me every week.  That's why he's my hero.  See Mrs. Canny hero's aren't just service men and women and soldiers they can be civilians too.  He's not just my hero, he's my guardian angel."  The teacher had tears in her eyes as the bell rang and the kids went home.  She had a new understanding of a hero.  So that makes me think of my hero's and I have a few.  Back in 2006 my son Casey was born.  I was 23 weeks pregnant and he was born prematurely at home.  Tommy called an ambulance and they arrived and got me and him in the ambulance I was having problems and lost a lot of blood but he was going into cardiac arrest.  The paramedic got me stable and told me that my son needed his attention but considering he probably wouldn't make it he had to give me the decision to either give him permission to save my son or work on me.  Well I did what any mother would do.  I told him to try to save my baby.  He gave me 5 more hours with my precious baby and I know if it wouldn't have been for him I wouldn't have gotten them 5 hours.  I found out today that he lost his job because of me.  He knew the baby was going to die but he still attempted to save him.  His directors said he put my life in danger.  I apologized for him loosing his job and then he responded this.  "Given the situation again I would have done the same but more to have given you more time with your son."  This man is my hero and I still don't know his name.  I just recognized him today and went up to say thank you.  I didn't think he would recognize me but he did.  He is my true hero.  So I guess the real reason I am writing this is to say look around you.  You might know someone who is a hero but not recognized.  And you might even be a hero but not know it.  There is no gratitude to small that's not recognized.  You might not think it important but just think what you did was the right thing but somebody else might. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Well I am finally able to get on here and write again!  I know I said I would write about our camp out Sunday but things changed.  Tommy's mom had a heart attack early Sunday morning.  She's okay now though.  No surgeries are needed as of now and everything looks good.  They got her on some different medicines.  We have been swamped with work.  Luckily after tomorrow we will be caught up.  My dad goes May 17 to have is permanent port for dialysis put in.  Hes got to be there are 5 in the morning so I don't see that going well considering he is not an early bird.  I have so much to say that I can't seem to think right now.  I guess its because my week has been soooo busy.  So I think I better save my thoughts until another day.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Home early

Well we are home early from the camp out.  They came to us tonight (Saturday night since this is actually Sunday morning now) and told us that there were two storms capable of producing tornadoes and they were going to clash together right over the mountain we were one and we could either stay or pack up but considering the Weather Center CALLED the camp and told them we figured we better get the heck outta dodge.  We had 14 scouts and 5 siblings.  They all had a GREAT time and pretty much all activities had been done so they really didn't miss anything.  They got to Canoe and hike and throw boomerangs and bb and archery.  My ear ended up really hurting so I got to take a nap while Tommy stayed with Jacob and the other boys and families.  I have a really great husband just to let everybody know.  Well I am going to hit the sack.  I am sad that the boys didn't get to finish their camp out but honestly I am not sad to not be sleeping on the ground again.  This body is getting to old for that haha.  Well I hope everybody had a great weekend.  I will post more tomorrow

Friday, April 13, 2012

Getting Prepared.

So I am getting prepared (or trying to) for my sons camp out with scouts this weekend.  We have RSR this weekend and its our first RSR camp out.  I've heard its a really neat camp.  But given that its supposed to be rainy I'm kinda worried.  Hopefully it won't rain because there are supposed to be several different packs here this weekend and I really don't want to listen to all them wet boys complaining.  We have our truck and trailer loaded down ready to go.  Its Tommy, the hubby, Jacob, our 10 boy, Ray, a good friend of ours thats son is in scouts with us, Samuel, Rays boy he's 8, and me.  So needless to say the trip there in our truck should be interesting.  Then at 4 we are meeting up with at least 2 other families and we are "convoying" to RSR.  Im not quite sure where we are going so thankfully we aren't leading the way.  Well, its 1:40 so I better get off here and get my butt in gear.  I will post later and tell how it went.