Friday, January 17, 2014

Get Over It

You know that saying get over it or move on with your life or let it go those should be banned from using.  Just because it might be something that to you seems simple to move on from could be extremley different for somebody else.  My son would be 8 years old today if he had made it.  He died when he was just 5 hours.  Everybody, except myself, goes on like its another day.They dont speak his name its not like he even exsisted.  Today my husband of all people asked me what was wrong.  It was his son too but he is one of the ones that goes on pretending it didnt happen.  I havr been told "he was just a baby there aint no reason to grieve.  Its not like you raised him or anything."  or "you have other healthy kids, forget about what you dont have."  and my all time personal favorite "you should love the ones that are here with you instead of the ones that are dead."      Maybe all that is true but I just cant do it.  I have 2 boys that are angels and I just cant go on acting like they were never born.  So when I hear "get over it" whether or not the person is trying to help I still get very upset.  So please keep in mind when using them simply harmless sayings you might just be really upsetting somebody.

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